We want to enhance people’s lives.
We use local materials.
We’re committed to the spaces we inhabit.
We believe in timeless architecture.
We want to revive the human dimension of architecture and the arts.
We’re concerned about rural areas and dying villages.
We believe in socially engaged architecture.
We want to be partners in bringing your dream home to life.
We believe in the transformative power of well-executed architecture and design.
We contribute to societal wellbeing and sustainable development.
We ardently defend human rights.
We work to achieve accessibility, sustainability and equity in built environments.

Ten years is a long time when you know exactly where you’re headed. Andreu, Carles and Fran have always been clear on where they wanted to go and what they wanted to achieve. Small towns and villages need trusted architects to help them manage public funds for improvements to their urban environments. EPIGRAM has shown steadfast commitment to these settlements: as well as helping local councils apply for grants to enhance streets, squares and public buildings, we also organise public participation workshops for every project to allow local people to take part in improving their own towns, spaces and lives.

Studying a subject like Architecture at a university like Valencia Polytechnic brings people together.

Years of hard work and sacrifice at a university renowned for being among the best – and most demanding – in Spain. That’s what brought Andreu Benedito, Carles Palmí and Francisco Olivas together, amid lecture notes, exams and projects.

Back then, they were already dreaming of working together, opening their own studio and putting their unique way of understanding architecture into practice. They were keen to create a space where they could explore their professional and social interests. They wanted to establish an architecture studio that, rather than a mere mechanism for creation, would serve society and engage with social issues, living spaces, Valencian culture and, above all, people.

In 2013, their dream began to take shape. Carles, Andreu and Fran founded EPIGRAM and display the same enthusiasm and dedication to the studio ten years on. Throughout the last decade, the studio has grown and the team now comprises 23 people.

Fran, Carles, Andreu and the studio team are committed to enhancing depopulating villages and prioritise people’s wellbeing and quality of life and the environmental impact of the spaces they build in all their work.



Adrián de Arriba (Colaborador)
Alejandro Pérez - Departamento de gestión
Álex Montesinos (Colaborador)
Andreu Benedito - Socio fundador
Belén Herrera - Departamento de urbanismo
Carles Palmí - Socio fundador
Carles Sendra (Colaborador)
Carlos Guillem - Departamento de rehabilitación
Fran Olivas - Socio fundador
Guillermo Ramírez - Departamento de urbanismo
Isabel Sánchez - Departamento de rehabilitación
Marcos Menéndez - Departamento de obra
Marta Asensi - Departamento de diseño
Mayra Coronel - Departamento de urbanismo
Rafael Pascual - Departamento de obra
Simón Cebrián (Colaborador)
Sofía Iglesias - Departamento de urbanismo
Teresa Revert - Departamento de urbanismo