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16 November, 2023


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Detached house in L’Eliana

More and more of us dream of living in a house with a plot of land, a porch to sit on every day and, if possible, a barbecue area and swimming pool. In practice, finding one of those houses ‘with potential’ is an odyssey and looking for a good plot of land to build your dream house on can be a much better option.

Building your own home doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream only few can achieve; it’s actually completely doable if you’re clear on your budget and your needs. So, if you’re pondering the possibility, read on for more information to help you plan your new home.

Building a detached house from scratch

Naturally, the first thing you need to do is decide on a location and find the right plot of land. At EPIGRAM, we can study the feasibility and potential of your plot in relation to the project you have in mind. There are excellent opportunities out there and the main reasons for opting for one or another will include aspects such as the size, the use of the property and the lifestyle of the future occupants.

The next step is to carry out a geotechnical investigation and topographical survey before making a final decision.

The topographical survey provides information about the slope of the plot, where it would be best to position the house, where the best views will be, whether it will be easily accessible, etc. Meanwhile, the geotechnical investigation looks at the ground itself and helps us decide what type of foundation we need and how deep it must be. Bear in mind that a house must be built from the foundations up.

If everything is as it should be and you decide that the plot is suitable for your project, then agree on a price and complete the purchase. Let’s not be coy about it, a good price always makes it easier to sign on the dotted line. What’s a good price? The maximum for which you could sell the land again without losing money.

Designing your new house

Now that you’ve got your land and you know what you want to do, it’s time to discuss your project with your architects and interior designers. It’s important to have an in-depth discussion so that your expectations are clear. Make sure you mention your family routines, your must-haves and your would-likes. This information is crucial to the success of your project.

With the layout designed to your taste, the materials selected and everything ready to go, the total cost will become clear: plot + construction + interior design or interior and exterior decoration.

How long does it take to build a house?

One common concern is that it will take longer than expected to build your detached house and this will make it much more expensive. We can assure you that EPIGRAM won’t let that happen. Our team of expert professionals are considerate and determined. The hallmark of our work is our ability to meet deadlines and optimise resources. Your time (and ours) is very important and that will be clear at every stage of the project, which we’ll make sure to complete to deadline.

Some types of construction are quicker than others and depending on which you choose, your house will take more or less time to complete.

At EPIGRAM, we recommend building with precast concrete slabs, which form both the structure and envelope of the building, because they make the construction process much quicker – and we know how much of a concern time is to you. The house and exterior space could be completed in less than a year with a 100% customisable design and a superior finish requiring less exterior maintenance, as well as improved structural performance.

Planning permission for your new build

As well as turnaround times, we know that planning permission is another concern, but there’s no need to worry. At EPIGRAM, we take care of every tedious but necessary task.

We don’t play around, saying one thing and doing another. We’re reputable professionals and we submit our plans and designs to the authorities in full to avoid any nasty surprises later.

Final completion will come faster than you anticipate

Once the construction, electricity and plumbing are all complete, it’s time for the next set of paperwork: the certificate of final completion, energy performance certificate, etc. Don’t worry, our team has it covered.

While you wait for the certificates to be issued, it’s time to turn your attention to the interior design. You’ll already have discussed and planned it at the start of the process, but it’s much easier to choose colours and textures in your own house where you can see the light illuminating the different areas than from a swatchbook.

We’ll work with you to furnish your house with help from our long list of suppliers, from furniture to fabrics and even electrical appliances. This is the most personal part of the project and one of the most important as it adds the finishing touches to your house. We’ll design and give you advice, and you make the decisions.

When you receive the keys, your new home will be clean and ready to move into, with every last detail you dreamed of in place. At EPIGRAM, we call this a turnkey service. Kitchenware, bedding, candles… everything you need to start enjoying your new home will be in the right place just waiting to be used for the first time. EPIGRAM gives you our word.

As you can see, we offer a complete service that takes you all the way from your initial idea or dream to the moment you receive the keys. We’ll provide guidance, design the building, apply for planning permission, adapt to your budget and build, furnish and decorate your new home. A comprehensive service with a single point of contact: EPIGRAM.

Ready to take the leap? Visit this new build in L’Eliana.

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